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Spiritual Motivation

                      "When you feel blessed you are blessed" and when your blessed Miracles do happen

We are told to have Spiritual Motivation in our life but how do we find it most of the time it feels it is just out of sight. Listen to yourself each and everyday most of the time our first thought is the right one. I have been working with people for over 50 years and I know that when we understand where we are going life is so much easier. First rule make a list of what you need God will supply those then make a list of your wants and then sit quiet. When you are sitting here read the needs back to yourself how do you feel with them it is either good or bad. You want to get to the point of feeling great with what you are asking for I use Ho'oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness to get to a point of letting old filters go and resetting new ones to attract what I need. You can tell me or others how bad your life has been there is always someone whose life was worst. I call people who dwell in the past dwellers at the well they will always start by saying O well this happen or this never moving pass an event in their life. You must let go of the pass and move to the future sometimes that is easier said then done but to get the most out of this life you must. Our thoughts are things if we think we will not be able to we will not. Set affirmation in your home change the patterns in your life if you think you are great then o my God you just might be great.

When you pray ask the universe to supply the saying Knock and the door will be open  Ask and you will receive God gave us the tools to ask. I find out most people wait till their world is coming to an end and then ask some times its a little too late. You should ask when you do not need when your needs are being met then you can ask playing with it not in pain. When you ask the feeling that comes up will be want you receive so know how you feel with something before you ask



                                                                                                             Spirit Eye Transformation SpiritSeance

                                Join us with Lucerne and the 47  in a Transformation  and Trance Demonstration

                                                Join Dr. Rev. Louis Gates for Transfiguration Cabinet Readings

                   Mediumship   Mediums receive information from spirit utilizing a range of intuitive skills including: prophecy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, visions, automatic/intuitive writing, and psychometry, among other gifts. At Angelgates the term generally applies to the construct of giving messages to participants during our classes and workshops and moving towards certification in Cassadaga, Florida.   Spiritualists believe the connection between the medium and spiritual entities confirms the existence of life after death. It is the medium's responsibility to deliver each message from the highest spiritual realm available, respectfully communicating what he/she senses, using carefully chosen words of love, encouragement, and assistance. Delivering positive, life-affirming messages, mediums engage in unique methods of spiritual healing.   Mediumship, regardless of its form, is accessible to all who seek it. Individuals, who learn to raise the energetic vibration in their body, can easily communicate with entities in the spiritual realm. Angelgates offers weekly classes and an open circle to support all who wish to learn.

 Transfiguration Cabinet Readings :are held in my seance room as I am in the cabinet giving you a reading my face will become over shadowed  by spirit and as i do the readings spirit will appear  over me  call to book your appointment



 Transfiguration S'eance


Transfiguration is a form of physical mediumship that allows a spirit to materialize and communicate through a medium. The idea is that the face of a person who has died will appear on the face of another person. It's not as commonly practiced as other forms of mediumship, as it's supposed to be very draining for the spirit involved, because they need to use a lot of energy to be able to appear.

Before transfiguration can take place, the medium, a person who is said to have psychic abilities that enable them to communicate with the spirit world, will go into a trance. This altered state of consciousness supposedly makes it easier for the dead to communicate with the living. In some cases, the medium may be in such a deep state of trance that they appear to have fallen asleep.

If the transfiguration is successful, a veil of ectoplasm will appear on or just in front of the medium's face. This is molded into the features of the spirit that is trying to communicate. Ectoplasm is a light colored, glutinous substance that allegedly oozes from the medium's body and is then physically manipulated by the spirit. It's sensitive to light and so seances often take place in darkened rooms. Sometimes it may be barely visible to the naked eye but can be seen in photographs. At the end of the seance, the ectoplasm is said to return to the medium's body.

During transfiguration the face that materializes may appear to be almost translucent, or in extreme cases the medium's face might disappear altogether, replaced by the features of the spirit. The spirit may mouth words and in some cases may also manipulate the vocal chords of the medium and speak through them. It isn't just the face that can be affected by transfiguration. There are stories of other parts of the body taking the form of the spirit, making the medium appear taller or shorter, or changing their hair and other physical features. If the dead person used to wear certain clothes or jewelry, these may materialize too.

There are cases where more than one face has appeared during a transfiguration seance. If there is a group of people present, many of them may claim to see a face or number of faces that they recognize as dead loved ones.

Transfiguration was popular during the Victorian period and the beginning of the 20th century, when interest in spiritualism was at its height. Many seances were held in the hope that the faces of dead loved ones would appear, especially during and after World War I. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, famous for his Sherlock Holmes novels, was a great supporter of spiritualism, including transfiguration. He wrote books on the subject and was president of the College of Psychic Studies.